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PerfBuddy does the hard work for you to translate technical jargon into plain language that's approachable to everyone and your organization can understand.

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We will show the flaws of your site

We provide the metrics you need to see where your site is deficient and what can be done about it. Share reports with your tech team so they know exactly what to tackle.

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    Test the performance of your site.

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About PerfBuddy

PerfBuddy is a free performance and accessibility testing tool that offers high-level approachable reports which help your organization get the most out of its website.

Through educating and helping understand what performance work can do, we help you find where customers are suffering, which helps you find more money.

Started by This Dot

PerfBuddy is a project started by This Dot to help its customers succeed when we aren’t there. We always want our customers (and everyone else for that matter!) to be successful.

  • Helps clients keep performance top of mind throughout their business
  • We give detailed expertise that will help you make more money
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